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Viral marketing for B2B companies
14 June 2022

Viral marketing for B2B companies

Viral marketing is the seemingly organic spread of your messages, articles, or ads. But does it work for B2B companies?

Should B2B companies include viral marketing component in their marketing strategy?

Viral marketing is one of the most powerful strategies to reach a large and rapidly growing audience. It is often seen as a consumer-oriented marketing technique.

A growing number of B2B marketers are exploring the potential of B2B viral marketing today. Because it works, the following reasons are why viral marketing is beneficial for B2B companies:

  • Builds a personal connection with the target audience
  • Easy to share, fun content is memorable
  • Viral marketing is the new word-of-mouth

Let’s see how the following B2B companies are reaping the benefits through their viral marketing campaigns:

  • LG Nano super cell match:

Krema Worldwide, Seoul creates “Nano Cell Super Match” campaign for LG and it goes viral with over 9 million YouTube views in 20 days. And it has gone over 21.9+ million views to date.

  • Google Photos: Best Picture

Google ran a campaign during the 89th Annual Academy Awards ceremony called Best Picture. Instead of showing pieces of box office hits, they highlighted photos and videos that had been shot on Google Android phones. The Campaign went viral and on YouTube alone, and got over 14 million views. It got millions more on TV broadcasts.

Here are the five best tips that would help you create one today.

  • Brainstorm ideas that suit your audience:

You can get tons of ideas from influencers in your industry which might be useful to you. But successful ideas are the ones which hold the potential to drive your business like crazy.

Follow industry influencers and brainstorm ideas to showcase your brand so that your target audience would get attracted to it. Come up with a plan, stick to it and have answers to all the how’s and why’s that would be arising from your post when it’s being shared. 

  • Use Powerful Visuals:

Posts with attractive images and videos are more likely to be shared by the audience. According to a Buzzsumo study, posts with one or more images get more than twice as many shares on Facebook and Twitter than those without any images in them.

The study also found that infographics were the most shared type of content, beating out how to articles and videos. Try to create powerful and high-quality visuals. 

  • Make Your Content Useful Enough to Share:

Creating content that holds value and provides a solution to readers increases the chances of content going viral. A piece of content that’s actionable and has a practical use, will help you stay ahead in the game.

Make your headlines and content clear, direct and actionable. So that someone reading the posts would be able to take immediate action on what they’ve read.

And because all the posts have a solution, people are more likely to share it with their friends because it provides helpful information.

  • Share Your Content at The Right Time:

Sending out your content at the perfect moment is a terrific way to use existing momentum to go viral. Track what’s trending about your industry or just general news. Once you find something that aligns with your brand, craft a piece of content that is related to the topic and memorable.

  • Share Your Content with Powerful Influencers:

Getting industry influencers to share your content will fuel your content for going VIRAL. But the tough part is getting your campaign on their radar.

Reach out and let them know that you’ve just created an infographic, guide or blog post that you think they would appreciate. Showing influencers that you appreciate their content and have a genuine interest in connecting with them instead of directly sending them the content link on the first go.

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