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Brilliant ways to double your income with an Amazon Affiliate Program
14 June 2022

Brilliant ways to double your income with an Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is not only the world’s biggest marketplace to purchase products, it also allows you to sell your products to make more money online. It has one of the most profitable affiliate programs in the world. It allows websites owners and bloggers to connect with Amazon and earn referral fees when a customer clicks through and buys products from Amazon. It is a completely free process, and anyone can join to make money.

It is a perfect place to generate extra income if you have your own blogs and website. In the Amazon affiliate marketing program, affiliates can earn up to 50% of the sales amount. It depends on how much effort the affiliate puts forth and what kind of sale he/she makes.  On the low end, you could earn about 5% of the sale. 

Some amazing methods to make money from Amazon’s affiliate program are:

  • Start your blog or website:

An Affiliate with their own website and blog is considered the best affiliate. Blogs and websites helps add links to Amazon. If you want to be an affiliate and earn more money, starting your own website and blog would be an appropriate decision. Doing this will help you increase traffic and links. 

  • Find a good niche:

Finding the right niche plays an important role in your success. Select a niche you want to promote and build a site around. You should focus on specific products that do better on Amazon and earn good commissions. Go for products you know something about and products you know you can sell.

  • Post quality content regularly:

Posting quality content on a regular basis helps hold valuable customers and earn more commission. Regular posting helps build trust in your followers and brings traffic to your website. Integrate specific products into your posts or advertise higher price products, so that you can earn more commission or make your own reference list. Remember, people will buy more on occasion.

  • Link to your images:

Adding affiliate links to all the images in your posts is an effective way to boost your Amazon’s affiliate conversions rate. After reading your products review articles, interested buyers often click on the image links which will direct them to the Amazon product page. That means you have good conversions right in your hand.     

  • Use social media to attract traffic to your product page:

Social networking websites are the best way to get lots of traffic to your website. The more you drive traffic to your website, the higher number of sales you are likely to make. Promoting your content on popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter can help you achieve great results.

Thousands of companies are willing to be an Amazon associate, and millions of companies are using Amazon to sell their products online. With the help of these above methods, the top 1% of earners in early 2022, make between $111K and $121K while the lowest 10% earn between $16,500 and $26,000.


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